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This page showcases a few of the many shops using Maxim Optical systems.                              Shopfitting contacts (click here)






Eye Lounge is a premium new optical store in Belconnen Westfield ACT. With plenty of room available, frames were able to be spaced well apart making browsing a pleasure.  

Excellent lighting and beautiful surface finishes add to the quality feel of this store. A credit to Darleen, Korina and the team. 

Displays are system 66 direct-to-acrylic clear frame holders on gloss white laser cut acrylic panels.











Southern Optical in Jannali, Sydney have just completed this clean, crisp minimalist store. The white-on-white theme and LED back lighting of the displays is very appealing.



My Optical in Warwick QLD have made a stunning job of this bright, inviting store.

Colourful graphics, beautiful surface finishes and an uncluttered design make this store a delight.

The store uses system 66 vertical rods to display their frames. Click the picture below for a larger image.



Gloria, Chamila and Michelle (from Optometrist Parramatta) have done an absolutely fantastic job of building this bright and inviting new store in Sydney's busy Parramatta.

Optometrist Parramatta use system 66 horizontal rods mounted on frosted acrylic panels as well as two Elypse rotating displays for the windows.

Both Elypse displays have a custom graphics panel integrated above the displays.


Another beautiful store in Western Australia. Option Optometrists in use system 66 direct-to-acrylic panels and 18 frame Optilock displays.





Eyecare Kids new store in the Southpoint shopping centre (Hillsdale, NSW) is an excellent example of a store focused on its clients.

The fabulous graphics and layout will appeal to the kids while sliding acrylic panels maximise the frame display area in this very practical shop.

System 66 clear, direct-to-acrylic frame holders are attached to custom laser cut panels. Custom sign holders are attached above and in the middle of the frame displays and panels are gently back lit with LED bulbs.

This beautifully finished store is a credit to owner, Sue and her designer/builder.

Builder/joiner: Assetmark group.













With so many beautiful stores around, its hard to stand out from the crowd, but that's exactly what Fitzgerald Optometry in Victoria do.

This very original store has it all - space, style and funk.

Frames are displayed on System 66 horizontal rods and Optilock security displays.

Builder/Joiner: Select shopfitting, Vic.






Optical Warehouse have opened their new flagship store  in Strathpine QLD.

This store uses our 8mm pins on laser cut panels which have been curved to follow the unique and colourful cabinetry.

This very original store was built by NJs Shopfitting & Design in QLD.





Frame displays .com (Maxim Optical's USA distributor) recently finished this beautiful new store for Image Eyecare in Apache Junction, Arizona USA.

Exquisite roof and floor curves, light and dark contrasts and system 66 horizontal displays make this store spectacular.





Lens Pro have recently opened their new flagship store in Bondi Junction Westfield, NSW.

This new store is simply stunning with its strong light and dark contrasts. Frame displays are system 66 horizontal.

The quality and the finish of store are second to none and are a credit to all involved.





Craig from Select shopfitting recently completed this classy new store for Bill Cutler Optometrists in Kew.

The stores clean lines and pleasant tones will have it looking modern for years to come.

The store utilises system 66 horizontal displays.







UNSW recently completed their new state-of-the-art eye health centre including a new shop at the Kensington campus.

System 66 horizontal rods were chosen for the displays which can be locked away behind large bi-fold doors when the store is closed.




Stephen Daly Optometrist of Penshurst, NSW has a new store using system 66 Horizontal rods. The result? A clean, light and fresh looking store.






Lifestyle Optical's  new store (QVB building) in the heart of Sydney's CBD is one of the best.

Bespoke woodwork and displays, great lighting, exciting colours and graphics make this shop a knockout.

A credit to George (owner) and his team of designers. Shop uses custom Optilock displays throughout.




Filocamo Optometrists have completed a refurbishment of their store in Leichhardt Market Place, Sydney.

This attractive store utilises vertical system 66 and Optilock displays. The store also features floor to ceiling displays in the shop front.





Primary Eye care have completed their flagship store in Kogarah, Sydney with system 66 horizontal displays and our new floor to ceiling rotating displays in the shopfront for their sunglasses. Optilock displays secure the sunglasses on frosted panels with a clear border.

This clean, modern store utilises display back lighting, LED highlights below cabinets and beneath counter tops, highly polished floors and wood grain accents to great effect.

Joiner: Woodcorp interiors, Rockdale NSW







Another impressive store recently completed is Grbevski & associates of Rockdale, Sydney.

System 66 horizontal and Optilock security displays are used with back lit frosted panels. Panels are framed by custom black cabinetry which contain the fluorescent lighting.

A beautiful selection of paint colours, wood grains, mirrors and upholstery finish off this lovely store.

Joiner: Woodcorp interiors, Rockdale NSW









Sharpe and Fowler optometrists in Launceston, Tasmania have produced a very classy store, with great use of contrasting light and dark tones.

Horizontal system 66 and Optilock displays have been well designed to maximise the classy look of this beautiful store. Stunning edge lighting has been added to highlight the display panels.

The main sunglass display uses 15 frame Optilocks while custom 6 frame Optilocks  (right) highlight a select few frames.








Gerry & Johnson Optometrists recently opened this colourful, vibrant store in Brisbane. The store uses system 66 direct-to-acrylic clear frame holders mounted on white acrylic panels.

Especially impressive are the children's "Jelly bean" displays. Large digital prints of the colourful jelly beans were applied to the back of clear acrylic panels - the photos don't do them justice.








Malcolm Kofsky's new store in Rose bay, Sydney is an excellent example of the very popular system 66 horizontal display.

While the lines are very European and minimalist, the display remains highly functional and easy to use.

To make the display more interesting, the square alloy rods are interrupted by glass shelves and mirrors to great effect. 

Click the photo's for a larger image.






Another terrific shop using system 66 horizontal displays -  this time Narelle Hine's store in the AXA building on Sydney's waterfront.

System 66 horizontal displays with our stainless steel horizontal pins were chosen for their clean looks.

While not being a large store, Narelle has used her space very well resulting in a  fabulous store with great colours and lighting.

Due to large windows, this store also uses a double width Elypse free standing display  with rotating panels allowing frames to be seen from both inside the shop and out.









Joseph Salim has recently opened this superb new store in Menai market place, Sydney, NSW.

For this store, system 66 stainless steel frame holders have been mounted directly into laser cut acrylic panels for a clutter free look.










One example of many new Downtown Duty Free stores recently completed, Sydney International departures use pelmet to bench top mounted Optilocks with custom acrylic temple supports.








Above and below: Another fantastic new store opens in Auckland, New Zealand. Optik is John Kelsey's second store to use Maxim's horizontal alloy frame display system.

This new store in Pukekohe uses system 6 six stainless steel pins on square 6mm rod to great effect.















This beautiful new shop is  a credit to all involved in its conception. Hayssam Khalaf of Greenacre NSW has built himself a light, attractive and  functional store with clean lines.

The shop uses new system 6 six horizontal polycarbonate pins and square alloy rod on green frosted panels. Displays are framed by high gloss white and metallic brown tones for a dramatic effect.







Visique Albany on Auckland's North Shore use vertical system 66 non locking displays and pelmet to bench top mounted Optilocks. Beautiful wood and stone work give this store a unique look.







Infocus optics new shop in Merrylands, NSW use system 66 vertical square rods with polycarbonate frame holders for reading frames and Optilock displays for sunglasses.








Another Eyezone store opens in Auckland using Maxim clear polycarbonate frame displays. This attractive new store is in New Lynn.










 This attractive store in Auckland's CBD is the first completed in the new look for New Zealand's Visique chain.

System 6 six clear polycarbonate frame holders are mounted directly into floating, frosted acrylic panels.

This store also utilizes custom made nine frame Optilock displays to secure their sun glasses.












The new Eyezone store in Albany (Auckland, NZ) has a clean uncluttered look with our clear frame holders mounted directly to frosted acrylic.

This method of attaching frames is simple to manufacture and cost effective.








Left, below and right: A very classy store - Visions Optical QLD.

Frames are displayed on our ultra slim system 66 stainless steel frame holders on vertical alloy rods.








Left and right: An optometrist in the Price Waterhouse Coopers building on Auckland's waterfront use our ultra slim stainless steel frame holders mounted to horizontal alloy rod.