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Below is installation information for builders, architects and shop owners for the system 66 products.

There are multiple ways to mount system 6 six frame holders. The following are some of the basic options and required depths for the system.

System 6 six mounted on  1. laser cut acrylic panels: Allow a minimum of 200mm mounting depth - extra if lighting is to be placed behind acrylic.

                                                   2. System 6 six square alloy: Allow a minimum of 250mm mounting depth when using standard wall pylon, 230mm
                                                        when mounting rods by their ends (rod end mounts) These depths cover both vertical and horizontal types. Wall
                                                        pylons can be ordered cut longer if required.

                                                       Horizontal frame displays should have their 6mm square rods mounted a minimum of 70mm from the back of
                                                       the cabinet or wall when using end plugs for mounting.

                                                    3. Wall pylons should be no further apart than 900mm for horizontal rods or 1200mm for vertical rods. Pylons may
                                                        start approximately 30-250mm in from the ends of the rods.

                                                     4. Magnetic frame holders should be attached to steel sheet that is a minimum of 1.0mm thick. We recommend 1.6mm
                                                     sheet for maximum adhesion. High gloss surface finishes (high gloss paint for example) reduce the grip of the
                                                     magnets - we recommend a slightly textured finish for extra grip.   

                                                  5. Standard vertical spacing for all types of frame holders is 80mm. Shops wanting a spacious display should consider
                                                     90-100mm vertical spacing. Standard spacing across a display is frame holders/alloy rods attached at 180mm centers.

                                                   6. Recessed pylons and plugs require a 16mm hole. Ensure that your drill produces an accurate 16mm hole on a scrap
                                                        of wood before drilling panels. Plugs and pylons are 12mm deep and should tap in firmly with a hammer.



System 66 square alloy rods are available up to 5m long. Contact us about the logistics of shipping long lengths of 66 rod.

Below are examples of system 66 alloy rod displays. Click to view large size.


Horizontal with stainless frame holders

Vertical with clear frame holders



Horizontal with clear frame holders

Vertical with stainless frame holders

Frame clip on vertical rod

Attachment options.